The secret of successful companies lies in the commitment, knowledge and efficiency of their employees. Lactoprot encourages this by offering the right environment. Excellent working conditions with short hierarchies, good social benefits, fair pay and continued training are all part of it.

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Training locations

At two of our sites in Schleswig-Holstein – the dairy in Leezen and in Kaltenkirchen – and also in Riedlingen (Baden-Württemberg) we offer young people good opportunities of starting a career. The “Milky Way” opens up exciting prospects.


Our dairy is in Leezen, in the Segeberg district. This is where the fresh milk arrives from the farmers with whom we have contracts and is processed. Among other things, we use fully automated plant to produce casein. Casein consists of proteins present in the raw milk; these are subsequently used in sports products and baby food, and also in chocolate.


The speciality of this plant is casein processing. From the protein extracted from the raw milk in Leezen we make so-called caseinates. To do so, we use state-of-the-art extrusion technology. This is a process that enables us to make a soluble caseinate from insoluble acid casein. That may sound complicated, but in fact it is fascinating.

The Kaltenkirchen plant also has the latest blending lines. We use these to make customized products with different functionalities. Products from Kaltenkirchen are used mainly in the food industry, for example to make cheese, yoghurt, coffee creamers, baby food, specialities for sports nutrition or dietetic products, and also in the wine and meat industries.


Our factory in Riedlingen has its own spray tower, microfiltration and ultrafiltration equipment, an electrodialysis plant and various packaging lines. Besides the whey proteins produced by us in Leezen, it processes large amounts of whey from the region into whey protein concentrates, demineralized whey powders and lactose.



Fresh from the cow today, processed tomorrow: Follow the way of our milk, and take a look behind the scenes of milk processing.

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Milk is our passion; processing milk is our mission. Learn more about the Lactoprot Group.

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