Companies are always part of a whole. That is why we accept responsibility and act as we ourselves would expect from the point of view of our partners and customers.


We expect the business practices of our milk suppliers to tie in with our own company guidelines and ethical principles. That includes human and animal welfare as well as quality, reliability and regionality. It goes without saying that we comply with all the regulations and quality standards of the European Union and have all the relevant certifications, e.g. for organic production and from VLOG (association for foods without genetic engineering). If our customers wish, we can also meet religious standards such as halal or kosher.

We are convinced that mutual trust and fairness are important requisites for reliable premium quality. That is why we attach such importance to long-term cooperation with our partners. Lactoprot carries out regular checks on all its suppliers. That serves to supervise adherence to standards, but it also enables an exchange of information on the latest developments and helps to promote good relations.

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I purchase raw milk for Lactoprot, and among other things I act as a contact for about 85 suppliers. All of them have been carefully selected; I know the farmers and their cowsheds personally. To our mind, responsibility means working to establish long-term partnerships and trying to guarantee our suppliers a reasonable, above-average milk price. Regionality is important to us, too. Milk doesn’t improve by being carted over long distances. We prefer short routes and concentrate on a catchment area within a radius of about 80 kilometres from our dairy in Leezen.

Jesko Schirrmann, Purchasing